“Croatia is the door to Europe”

I have never heard of a prayer missionary. But Ugandan missionaries N. and E. feel called to partner with the Borongaj movement (see previous post) in precisely that role.  “Do you mean you spend hours a day in prayer for Croatia?” I asked incredulously.

“Many hours,” N. answered back.  “God taught his church in Uganda about the power of prayer through all the wars and the AIDS epidemic. ”  Now, World Trumpet Mission, a non-denominational, international organization sends missionaries to many nations  to pray and to call God’s people to “be set apart for total consecration” in order for God’s purposes to be worked out in individuals and nations. 

This is N.’s third year to be in Croatia, each stay lasting 3-5 months.  The partnership story of the World Trumpet Mission and the Borongaj movement stretches back several years.  Individuals within the Borongaj movement felt directed by God to begin helping rural Ugandans better steward their money through starting small businesses.  The director of WTM felt God tell him that in this particular season, God wanted to “open up Croatia and use Croatia as a doorway into Europe”.  In other words,  WTM believes Croatia is uniquely situated to be a critical player in the spiritual renewal  of Western Europe.

Although prayer is their primary focus, N. and E. believe that God has instructed them to  teach people how pray and seek God. Sometimes this means sharing with a pastor and/or congregation specific roadblocks  they sense are present within the church.

“Just like every person might have a different issue that prevents him from praying,” N. told me, “like television for one person, or overeating for another, so churches have different issues that prevent prayer.”

I tried to imagine how those conversations might go—these two African women sitting down with local Croatian pastors and confronting them about difficult matters.  I was surprised when N. told me that as of yet, there had been no great resistance to their words.  “Even if there were, “N. said with a smile, “we would still have to speak it.”

This is a picture of God’s mission— N. and E.’s distinctive African spirituality rubbing up against Croatian churches so that God’s purposes might be worked out in both Uganda and Croatia.


5 responses to ““Croatia is the door to Europe”

  1. I find this so humbling. We are all called differently but this devotion is something quite extraordinary.

    As often happens with you, Mel, I am inspired and astounded to hear what God is doing and amazed and encouraged by His people.

  2. Sooooooo glad you’ve met my compatriots! A prayer missionary and three ladies from different walks of life meeting in Croatia on a Higher Calling? How interesting!

    For people who prayed for Idi Amin’s reign of terror and it was toppled and the AIDS epidemic that had ravaged Uganda and is now under control, I believe N. and E. have indeed a lot to share.

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