Friday Meditation


This world and the next

is full of mystery.

The richness of deep theological understanding

confronts the poor, uneducated woman

who, once healed,  simply says,

“I will never forget what he did for me.”

A thoughtful, well-balanced understanding of the Bible

using every tool to understand the historical context

confronts one who reads every word literally

as if fallen from the mouth of God.

We think we know

our hearts grow bold

with lusty enthusiasm

of our knowledge:

We are satiated in our presumptions.

But how to answer the simple questions

when we are too busy with the complex?

It is hard to know

if we see clearly

or dimly:

Do we have wisdom to know the difference?

The mystery of this world

is to see Jesus in the face of the poor and the sick

the dirty and the beggar.

And yet,

that picture seems dim.

What am I looking for in those faces?

But at the academic conferences

when I am overtaken by the fever of new knowledge

and bright bursts of insights explode in my being,

I feel I can see so clearly.

But therein lies the mystery—

what if the dim is actually clear

and the clear is actually dim?

Our own knowledge must grasp

the hand of the humble beggar

as if our life depended on it

or it will lead us down a path

of self-aggrandizement

that ends

in complete blindness.

“Blessed are those who can see the radiance of the glory of God in the patient participation in the sufferings of humanity; in the poverty of the poor of this world, in the weakness of the weak, in the thirst for justice; in partaking freely in the pain and the sufferings of others with genuine selfless love.” Archbishop Anastasios


8 responses to “Friday Meditation

  1. Yes Mel, my dear! Very well said.

  2. Beautiful. And true.

  3. Beautiful. These words really speak to me today as I struggle with my teaching job in a prison full of men who did horrible things to others, especially innocent children. I need to look for Jesus in their faces, too, and remember I am not to judge them, just teach them. Linda Hagen

  4. Brilliant is an understatement. Thank you for putting academic conferences in their proper perspective. 🙂

  5. Skype this weekend?   ~Andrew


  6. So beautifully put – the helpless who always make us pause and ponder His wonders and thus keeping us in check.

  7. Thanks! This one is going on my wall.

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