Monthly Archives: August 2016

Only three words

It’s funny how three words so quickly moved me from discouragement to hope.

Although B. had only been coming to church for several months, she was eager to be baptized. But based on some of our past mistakes with others, the leadership of Little Darda Church had counseled B. to wait until the next round of scheduled baptisms in the fall.   We were [rightly, I think] concerned she understood what it meant—not as some kind of magic rite, but a public commitment and symbol of rising into the new life in the Body.

Today I found myself with B. visiting a friend of hers—a mother of nine children with a husband who will be in jail for at least  3 years.

Quite spontaneously, B. began to tell the woman what God had done for her—how her daughter was unable to walk after a difficult labor and birth, but after we prayed for her, she could stand up.

“We have church tomorrow, ” she told the woman.  “Come and see.”  I sat quietly dumbfounded.  B. looked sideways at me and  winked conspiratorially.

The woman looked skeptical.  “Is this an Orthodox church?” she asked.  I knew she had probably never heard of a Protestant church, so I began gingerly stepping into explanation.

B. cut me off with another story of what God had recently done in her life. “Come and see,” she said.  “Tomorrow. We can pick her up, right Melody?”

Very wisely, I shut my mouth and just nodded.

B. is just stepping into faith, but she is already evangelist.Yes, there are many tragic things that I see and hear while working in this community.  But I mustn’t forget the other part of the story.

“Come and see.”