• Pray for the small Roma church in Sarajevo—God needs to prepare some Roma leaders for this church
  • Pray for sharing of Jesus in the small Roma village near Osijek.  God is working here!
  • Pray for the Roma church in village K.  They lost their Western financial partner and now there are serious money problems. Although their expenses are low, they need to pay for electricity, monthly government fee, etc.  The pastor and his family are also now without any income.
  • Pray for the leaders-in-training in the church.  The pastor and his wife are overwhelmed with the many needs in the community and need a leadership team!
  • The community suffers from many health issues resulting from poor diet, poverty, and grueling work.
  • Pray for the continued growth and transformation of the church as they continue learning what it means to follow Jesus.
  • The pastor’s vision is for this church to plant house churches in many surrounding Roma villages–pray for this vision!

2 responses to “Roma

  1. Praying and miss you!

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